Daniel Buzzo
SIGCHI 2015: Collaborating With Intelligent Machines – Position Paper
PDF BibTex External

Mark Cartwright and Bryan Pardo
Audio Production with Intelligent Machines
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Arne Eigenfeldt
Generating Electronica through Corpus-based Methods
PDF BibTex External

Ludvig Elblaus
When Intelligent Machines Say No
PDF BibTex External

Bruce Ferwerda
The Soundtrack of My Life: Adjusting the Emotion of Music
PDF BibTex External

Florian Heller and Jan Borchers
Physical Interaction with Audio
PDF BibTex External

Michael J. Lyons
Machine Intelligence, New Interfaces, and the Art of the Soluble
PDF BibTex External

John MacCallum and Teoma Naccarato
Choreography and Composition of Internal Time
PDF BibTex External

Marco Melis
Human-Computer Imagination Exchange
PDF BibTex External

Fabio Morreale
Designing Human-Machine Ensembles
PDF BibTex External

Johanna Okerlund and Orit Shaer
Exploring Tangible Interaction for Collaborative Creative Experiences
PDF BibTex External

Christopher Raphael
Formulating Musical Expression
PDF BibTex External


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